Because of this trick you never have to visit the dentist again

You are not the only one suffering from dental plaque, it happens to everyone. Nevertheless, the dental plaque can cost you a lot of money at the dentist, when he has to remove it for you. Do not panic, we have a trick, originally from grandmother, which extremely helps to get rid of dental plague. This will help you to save time and money! Actually, it is an easy remedy which is quick and very simple, combined with the usage of ingredients you already have stored somewhere in your house.

This makes it extremely cheap! And besides, it is scientifically proven that it works. After reading this article, we are sure you will try this trick tonight! Quickly continue reading on the next page how this method is actually working.

What do you need?

1. Salt One spoon of salt is enough! It is really all you need.

2. Baking powder Add approximately two spoons of baking powder to the salt. Mix it carefully. The paste must be strong enough to put your toothbrush in it.

3. Water Add slowly a tea spoon of water and stir. Instructions: Now you only have to brush your teeth with self-made paste. Brush approximately three minutes and try to reach all your teeth. After, you rinse with water. It is really that easy!!

Repeat this procedure one to two times per month to avoid any appointment at the dentist in the future. Tip: avoid contact with the tongue, the paste tastes salty and bitter.

Watch the video to see how effective this method is: