Warning signs of almond stones in your body that you should not ignore

Many people have a sore throat sometimes, which can come from a flu or a cold. The cause is often known. However, a lady became ill a few years ago. She visited the doctor and was told only that she had a sore throat. Unfortunately, the symptoms got worse every day.

Together we started looking for possible causes, and it is then that we heard about almond stones, also called tonsil stones. These are stinking chunks in your throat. Even when my girlfriend got better, I kept wondering what exactly they were. Fortunately, nothing serious.

I hope this article will inform people about those stinking things in your throat, for those who do not know what they are.

What are almond stones?

The almonds are in the back of the pharynx. They contain a small amount of recess where, for example, mucus, mouth bacteria and dead white blood cells get stuck. Ultimately, these waste materials can build up into hard, small pebbles. We also call these almond stones.

The stones are white-yellow of colour and are unpleasant to look at. They are often small, only a few millimetres big.


There are different signals to show that you have almond stones. These are the 8 most important symptoms:

1. Bad breath

2. A sore throat

3. Cough

4. Swollen almonds

5. Difficulties when swallowing

6. The feeling as if something is stuck in your throat

7. Pain in your ears

8. Visible white chunks / stones in the back of your throat.

How do you treat the almond stones? Read that on the next page.